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St. James, Paris

Diocese of Huron

Anglican Church of Canada


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Weekly Service

At all St. James services, you can expect a friendly welcome, a thoughtful message, and wonderful fellowship. The priest and altar servers are the only ones who have to follow a dress code.


8:30 | Holy Communion

What to expect
A classic Anglican service following the historic Book of Common Prayer. This is a contemplative service with lots of silence and no music.
Traditional English and the King James Version of the Bible are used. The service is 50-60 minutes in length.

10:30 | Holy Communion

What to expect
A modern Anglican service following the Book of Alternative Services. This is a very musical service of uplifting worship lead by one of our Praise Bands accompanied by our Choir.
We offer a vibrant Children’s program, a 15-minute message, and the opportunity to receive the Blessed Sacrament. The service is 70-80 minutes in length.


St. James Cemetery

Burial Services

Rates as of November 1st, 2021.

Single Lot - Full Burial


A dignified and reverent ceremony honoring the life and memory of a loved one, offering a final resting place within our sacred grounds.

(40% fee is for perpetual care and maintenance as per BAO requirements)

Cremation Lot


A solemn and respectful ceremony for the interment of cremated remains, providing a peaceful and serene final resting place within our hallowed grounds.

(40% fee is for perpetual care and maintenance as per BAO requirements)

Interment Fee


Assisting with the respectful and proper burial of loved ones, ensuring a serene final resting place within our consecrated grounds, with care and compassion.

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